Monday, June 24, 2019

Happy Monday y'all! 

It's been such a gloomy day in Texas! I'm currently sitting in the car while Julian takes a quick nap, its almost 4pm so looks like this mama is staying up late. Also can y'all believe my baby turned FOUR! I don't understand why time won't slow down (cue the tears). 

In the last couple of days, a couple of my followers asked me how I got to this point after having him, fitness wise. And honestly its hard. It wasn't until Jan 2018 that I finally put my big girl panties on and started. Julian was born in 2015 so it only took my 3 years to finally start haha BUT don't give up. I PROMISE you that HARDEST part is STARTING! 

Also I'm a stay at home mom, so I needed to find workouts that wouldn't take me more than an hour to complete, because dinner, laundry, cleaning, oh and of course giving your kid attention, doesn't stop. I personally don't think you need a gym to be "fit" or to exercise. All my workouts are done at home, under an hour. We're all in different paths, so I also don't have 2 hours to spend at the gym so when I do my workouts I make sure I push myself. If I can do it you can too girlfriend! 

Another thing that helped me a ton was having Julian on a routine. Nothing crazy but knowing he'd wake up at about 7:30-8:30, gives me time to schedule my workouts, and just me time. I'm all about routines. 

So with that, today I'm sharing a 15 minute HIIT workout! If you don't have 15 minutes just do 10! Some sweat is better than no sweat right? haha. I always do about 10 minutes of cardio before my workouts just to get me pumped. 

I love doing HIIT workouts because they definitely make you break a sweat! 

I hope y'all enjoy! And if y'all give this workout a go, let me know how you did! Also comment below with any other fitness posts you 'd like to see? Or any other workout posts?


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Happy Wednesday! 

It has been a while since I've done a COFFEE TALK post! One of the many reasons I started my blog is because I wanted a place to share my thoughts, or how I was feeling, I guess you can say I wanted this to be some sort of diary for me. 

I'm struggling to find a title for this post because there is a lot that I want to talk about but most of it revolves around the word "WORTHLESS". If I told you guys how many times that word has been thrown at me, y'all would think I was kidding...but unfortunately I'm not kidding. 

I remember being called "worthless" at the age of 16, I was trying to figure out life, figuring out who I am, etc. When this person first called me worthless, I made up excuses for them. Telling myself, "well you shouldn't have said that" , "it's your fault", "he's absolutely right", "you should've just kept your mouth shut", and so many more things. I was in this environment for a couple of years and "worthless" was constantly thrown at me. Again I not once told myself, "hey you are not worthless, snap out of it" 

I always wondered what made a person call another such an awful & hurtful word. Like what makes you want to call another human being "worthless". Does it make you feel worth more? Does it make you feel powerful? 

I'm 25 now, and depression is something that I silently fight through everyday. I've come to realize that a HUGE trigger is being called "worthless".  When that word is directed at me, it puts me in a dark place. It takes me to the 18 year old me, who finally decided to leave that toxic environment, it takes me back to the days I would cry in my small blue room, to the days I felt helpless and alone, to the days I didn't think I'd ever see the light at the end of the tunnel, to the days I felt worthless. 

It took a lot to finally look in the mirror and not feel worthless, it took a lot to realize that I am worth so much. It takes a lot of strength to get YOURSELF out of those dark places. Those dark feelings that feel like are never going to go away. 

If today you are feeling worthless, know that you are NOT! You are worth so much, your life is worth everything. Know that you are loved, know that if you ever feel alone I am only a message away. 

Worthless, is an ugly and hurtful word. It can hurt a person more than you can imagine. 

Pray, I promise you he listens. He was there when I wanted to end it all, he was there when I lost all hope. Pray to him. 

He is the reason I am here today, he knows I am worth so much, he did give his life for me. That alone is just mind blowing to me. 


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and thank you for letting me vent to you! Thank you so much for continuing to support me blog. 


Monday, June 17, 2019

Happy Monday! 

We actually had a fun filled weekend! We went out 2 nights in a row and well needless to say, this mama is exhausted! Let me just tell you drinking in your mid 20's is not the same, and the recovery takes waay longer. haha In case you guys didn't know this, I am a total light weight! I just need two margaritas and girlfriend, I am all set! Anyone else? 

But we are going to kick this week off with 5 "baby" steps to take to start your fitness/health journey! You guys know I'm all about baby steps, and I'm constantly telling y'all how important it is to start slow & steady. That's how I started and I stand 100% by this "method". 

Please feel free to leave me a comment with any questions you may have! I will do my best to answer with whatever knowledge I may have on it. If you scroll down to the bottom of this blog post, you just type your comment in the little box and then it'll ask you to enter your email address. I DO NOT use your information for anything else JUST to reply to you. 


1.) WRITE DOWN YOUR GOAL: Whether that be losing weight, toning up, or gaining weight, write it down. Also write down why you're doing it. Because you want to feel more confident, you want to have more energy, etc! I suggest maybe buying a notebook where you can write all your FITNESS & HEALTH things in. 

2.) START EXERCISING 3 DAYS A WEEK- Okay again, I'm all about slow & steady! So start off by working out 3 days a week. Your workouts don't have to be anything intense or crazy...yet. If you have never worked out maybe tone it down and start off 2 days a week. Make sure you listen to your body. 

3.) CREATE YOUR WORKOUT SCHEDULE- This is KEY! There are some weeks that I don't plan out my workout schedule and I feel the motivation go downhill real quick! I started off by doing a 5-10 minute run 3 days a week for about 2 weeks and then I started adding workouts. I highly recommend NOT skipping Monday's. For me personally if I skip Monday I just don't feel as productive. Also make sure you're scheduling your workout at a time that works BEST for you. Also take in mind, sleep will be sacrificed! haha You can check out my current workout schedule HERE 

4.) SUBSTITUTE WHERE YOU CAN- Another key step! You don't want to throw yourself into your journey and start by eating salads every day all day! Chances are you're going to give up real quick. I say this all the time...but slowly transition into healthier options. I'll give you guys a few examples. Starting off old school, choose grilled over fried, skip out on the fries, if you're a soda drinker maybe start drinking diet soda, portion your food, try veggie pasta instead of regular pasta, ground turkey instead of regular ground beef, make sure you always include a side of veggies. I feel like I could do a WHOLE post of substitution so I may start working on that. But you get the point. 

5.) DRINK YOUR WATER- I know, I know! You hear it all the time but it's true! Water is so good for you! I also know a ton of you don't like water, so maybe add some of your favorite fruit to make it taste a little better! Before I started my journey I honestly maybe had 1 bottle of water a day,  if that! Now I drink about 8-10 bottles a day, y'all know I love my lemon & strawberry water so I mix it up sometimes. 


I hope you guys enjoyed this post & found it helpful! If you did make sure you leave a comment! Thank you guys so much for stopping by & for continuing to support my blog! 

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