Friday, July 7, 2023

Happy Friday friends! 

It's been a hot minute since we've chatted about fashion, beauty let alone life itself. So, before I jump back into my blogging era (because that's what all the cool kids are saying) I wanted to chat about where I've been, mentally and where I plan to take this whole blogging/content creating thing. 

A couple of weeks ago we went on a small beach vacation. It was the perfect beach weather, and we had such a blast. While sitting in the water, I could see my husband & Julian playing with the waves. The furthest I will ever get in is right below my knees and that's cutting it close. Julian and Juan (my husband) on the other hand like to live life on the edge. As I sat there watching them, a huge wave of gratitude & fear washed over me. Two years ago, our lives were so different. So dark. But here we are today. Happy, healthy, and closer than we've ever been. 

For the longest time, I felt like I was trapped in a black hole, and there was no way out. Or at least I didn't try hard enough to get out. Yet, I'm here. Living this beautiful life. I made it. I found my way out of that black hole. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not fully healed. My husbands incident, is always on my mind. Some days it stops me in my tracks and I have to hold on to something to remind me that we are not there anymore. 

The last few months have also brought a lot of mental growth. Social media is changing so much so fast. And trying to keep up is so dang hard. It's hard to keep up with the "trends" and updates to Instagram, Facebook, etc. I still love fashion as much as 18 year old me did, but if we're being absolutely honest here, I feel so bad shopping now a days because everything has gotten so expensive. 

I use to budget our family to $80 a week for groceries and now it's about $130 and that's just for us three. So shopping around for clothes that I truthfully don't need makes me feel extremely guilty. 

And alongside that, Julian is also growing up way to fast! Time is such a thief. I started to feel like I spent 90% of my time on my phone and not being present with him. And majority of my screen time was just scrolling thru other accounts and looking at their "perfect" life which then put me into such a funk. We have let his screen time get out of control as well. If you follow me on Instagram than you know the tea lol 

He has always been such an outdoorsy kid ever since he could walk. I would literally drag him inside. So with this new move (we've lived here over a year now) we have given him way too much screen time. He's exposed to electronics a lot more here as well. And we sort of just let it get out of control. So I have also been weaning him off of that. Which let me tell ya, it's not for the weak. 

Marriage....phew! Noone ever warned me how much work a marriage really requires. I always thought since your married and in love it would be easy, I mean you are spending the rest of your life with someone who is suppose to be your bestfriend. So it shouldn't be too much work right? WRONG! December we will be celebrating nine years! Crazy. This last year has truly been one of the best years in our marriage. We finally understand each other (for the most part). I have been trying to give my marriage everything. Social media can really put pressure on it. Seeing all these happy couples, these perfect couples and then we are so quick to compare our marriage. But we are all in such different journeys, different stages of life. 

So where am I now? What is going to happen with Coffee With Rosa?

Blogging is my hobby and I pray that I can turn it into an official business by the end of this year, pray for me y'all. While I do pray for that, I know my priorities. I know what I truly love to share and what I can essentially afford. So, as I pray to FINALLY turn CWR into my official side hustle (bringing in extra income) my main focus is God & my family. Being there 100% for Julian and my marriage. 

What you can expect from me...with that being said, I have always worked so hard to push out at least two blog posts  per week, but I rarely met that goal. We're going to reel it back in and I will be publishing a blog post once a week. My "niche" will remain the same, all things affordable fashion & beauty, also a little lifestyle. 

If you don't follow me on Instagram, be sure to head over there and follow me. I'm usually very active there. And also TikTok. Now more than ever interactions with you guys is so important to grow in the content creator world. So please, please...if you like my content, give my photos a like, comment or even share my videos or blog posts! I am also posting consistently on my LTK, with all my fave products. So, if you see something you like or want to try you can always shop thru my links. I do receive a very small commission if you purchase thru my links.  

And I think that wraps up todays blog post! If you made it this far THANK YOU! and thank you for always supporting me! 

I'll see you soon! -Rosa 

Thank you to Shayla Ables for taking our family photos! If you're in the SA or Corpus Christi area def give her call! 

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