Monday, July 30, 2018

Happy Monday my lovely readers!

We are back from the beach and to reality again! We loved it so much! And Julian had a ball! Aside from being super tan and exhausted it was so worth it! And Houston traffic is insane! Hence the reason why my blog post is going up late today!  If I had to drive through that every day I think I would have a melt down in the middle of the highway! I still think San Antonio traffic is worst though, just my opinion! Lol 

Today's post is going to be super quick, I've been wanting to review this online clothing store for a while, but I wanted to get a few more pieces from them before I did. So if you haven't heard of, it's basically a super affordable online clothing store. I was skeptical on buying from them at first because the prices where literally insane, I thought it was a scam lol But I started to see mixed reviews on it so I thought I would give it a try. 

The first thing I will tell you is that when you order you must make sure you do two things! The first is that you READ THE REVIEWS on the product you're going to order. The second thing is to MEASURE YOURSELF when ordering! The first time I ordered I bought a bathing suit, I'm usually a size small, and that bathing suit was extremely small! So when I got it & tried it on, I went back and looked at the measurement chart and I think they were smaller than the usual small, so please make sure you measure yourself!  

I decided to give it another shot, but this time I ordered a dress & jumpsuit. Both of these pieces were great! The sizing & fit were good, and the quality was okay. You get what you pay for, you know what I mean? But overall I was extremely happy with both pieces. Shipping took about three weeks, so if you're needing something for a specific date make sure to order ahead of time. 

Overall I personally like the website & do recommend it, again just make sure you read the reviews, they'll let you know what to expect & measure yourself! Y'all know this mama is on a budget so this site is perfect for me, this dress was only $15! I also bought a jumpsuit that you can check out HERE and I love that piece too! 


Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope y'all have a wonderful & productive week! 





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Friday, July 27, 2018

Happy Friday my lovely readers! 

I'm actually looking forward to this weekend! My husband is off and we're planning on heading to the beach! Last time I took Julian to the beach was with grandma & grandpa and he LOVED it! He literally threw a fit when we had to leave! But I mean who can blame him right? The beach is the perfect place to relax! I think we're going to Galveston, and although it's not my favorite it's still fun! My favorite for sure has to be Port Aransas! We went with my husbands God parents last year and it was so much fun and the water was beautiful! I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 

For today's post I'm going to be sharing how I curl my hair with a flat iron! I've received a couple of requests to show y'all so that's what we're doing today! I do have a video up on my Instagram story as well so y'all can get a better idea of how I do it! You can follow me HERE

Products I used:
-Remington Flat Iron 
-Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo 

I know I probably should buuuttt lol I don't use a heat protector in my hair. Also these aren't like big bouncy curls, I'm really not into that too much, I prefer my curls more loose and soft. I do love to give it a little volume at the roots but I'm still practicing "teasing" my hair! Lol I hope y'all enjoy! And if this seems complicated please let me know lol I took these pictures myself so I did the best I could! Again, I do have a short video on my Ig story so make sure to head over there if you'd like! 

Okay so y'all know I'm pretty bad at explaning so here goes nothing....this is second day hair, which I find works best for curls in general. I wish I could be those types of girls that can go almost a whole week without washing their hair, but girlfriend, I didn't get that lucky! Lol So three days is usually the max for me. This WILL work with fresh hair but, at least with me, my curls come out too "soft" and they don't last all day. I can typically hold these curls for an additional day without having to touch up, awesome right? I can't take all the credit for it because I swear by my flat iron! It just works amazing! And it's around $20! Personally I feel that flat irons curl your hair so much better than a regular curling iron! 

So of course make sure your hair is brushed out smoothly! This is key to making sure your curls come out good, if you just do an okay job at brushing it, you'll notice that when you curl it, the curl will be kinda messy with hairs sticking out all over the place lol. Once you've done that, depending on if I want cute curls & if I have the time, I'll section it off, if not I part it in half and start grabbing pieces of hair and start curling. I have my flat iron on the highest temp, and you want to clamp your hair and twist outwards, you want to make sure the ends of your hair are facing AWAY from you're face. As you're twisting, you want to, fairly quickly, slide the flat iron down, and you should have a beautiful curl! I hope all that made sense lol 

I do want to mention, if you want more of "tighter" curls as your twisting just slide the flat iron slowly, and you should get your bouncy curls! As you can see by the pictures I start my curls towards my ends, I don't usually start from the roots. That's just personal preference. And once we're all done, I go in and spray some dry shampoo on my roots and on the ends. This is my favorite dry shampoo ever! It works amazing, I HIGHLY recommend it! And we are all done! This is the only way I curl my hair and I love it! It's super quick too, take in mind I have thick long hair, this takes me at least 10 minutes to do! 

I hope y'all enjoy this post & thank you so much for stopping by! 
Thank you AGAIN for your support! It means the world to me! 

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Monday, July 23, 2018

Happy Monday my lovely readers! 

We've had such a fun day today! I took Julian to a splash pad and then to the park and he had soo much fun! He even made two new friends! I know how exciting! We've had bad experiences at our local park in the past so this was awesome! Although we've been here for a little over a year it still feels foreign to me, but it'll all come with time. I hope y'all are having a wonderful & productive Monday! 

For today's post I wanted to share with y'all my 15 minute full coverage routine! This is usually the makeup I wear when we're going somewhere "special" or when I'm taking pictures for my blog. This is PERFECT for all my SAHM on a budget! All the products I'm using are all under maybe $15 if not less! I know AMAZING! I feel like the older I get the more my skin changes, so lately I feel like I've been more of combination  skin. My T zone is where I get the most oiliest (if that's even a word), my nose is the one that gives me the most trouble! By the end of the day you could literally fry some chicken with all the oil!! I'm exaggerating of course but you get the point lol 

I'm not a makeup professional lol I know that basics and even than I'm not great at it but I love it lol 

So let's get started.....

Step 1) E.L.F Poreless Face Primer- First things first, primer. This is the first time I use this primer, I'm not too fond of it but it's all they had at my local Wal-Mart. It has a little bit of a Pinesol smell to it, I really wouldn't recommend it. I would DEFINITELY recommend this one! It's hands down my favorite drugstore primer so far! 

Step 2) Maybelline Superstay Foundation- Overall I LOVE this foundation! It's perfect for this Texas heat! I've never worn it for 24 hours but I can tell you that by the 5th hour it still looks amazing! I love to use it with the Real Techniques Beauty Sponge! 

Step 3) Tarte Shape Tape- I then apply concealer, this one is okay, not my favorite but very full coverage as well. It doesn't crease on me so that's always a plus. If I'm going for a "every day look" I'll just use this concealer and add some face powder. 

Step 4) Maybelline Fit Me Powder- I LOVE this powder! It's just AMAZING! It sets everything together without feeling too cakey on my face. 

Step 5) E.L.F Bronzed Peach- This is from their Aqua collection, I think that's what it's called. It's like a cream blush, I don't use the bronzer at all, but the blush looks so good on my skin tone! Since it is a cream, it's perfect for Summer. 

Step 6) Maybelline Total Temptation Brow Pencil- Okay so I am not good with brows AT ALL! But something about this brow pencil makes it so easy! It feels kinda waxy and that's why I love it, it keeps my brows in place and it's so easy to use! 

Step 7) L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black & Lash Paradise- Both of these have been a favorite! I always alternate between the two & sometimes I'll use both! Lol I love me some big lashes! For the summer though I do use waterproof, because y'all! I sweat like a man! 

Step 8) Lipsticks! MY FAVORITE step! If y'all didn't know lipstick is like my thing! I love brights! They just speak my language! I'm going to be sharing a few of my favorite ones! When I do this makeup look I alternate depending on where we're going and how I'm feeling! 


That is all my friends! I hope y'all enjoy this post & thank you so much for stopping by! Have a blessed and wonderful week! 

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Friday, July 20, 2018

Happy Friday y'all! 

This week felt like it was NEVER going to end! I think I'm going to need at least a month to recover from that 19 hour trip! My husband and I have been so tired since Sunday! Does that make us a little old? Lol  We haven't been up too much since we got back, just been cleaning the house and the yard. I hope y'all had a more productive week than us! And thank you again for the support on my blog! If you haven't read my first post you can check it out HERE 

For today's post I'm going to be sharing my six month fitness update! So let's start back to October 2017, I felt super unattractive & just not okay lol There was not an ounce of confidence in me or my body. I want to say this was the "heaviest" I have ever been. I kept telling myself it was baby weight but it's been two years, I don't think it's baby weight lol for the past two years I was always eating junk food and working out. Not a good combination at all! We all know abs are made in the kitchen. So that went on up until January 2018 

January 2018

New Year New Me? I was determined to make that commitment! I owed it to myself. I was tired of feeling "fat & ugly" because that's how I felt. I wasn't mentally or emotionally okay, let alone physically. So I started, slowly, to make a change. I didn't "diet" because I really didn't want to live the rest of my life on a diet. So instead I took it slowly and started to minimize my fast food intake as well as any other "junk" food. I began to use a workout guide created by Alexa Jean Fitness, which I believe she has discontinued. I did that for two months. As for my eating, I once again slowly started to eat healthier. I would substitute where I could. For example, y'all know I love romaine lettuce lol so for taco night instead of a tortilla I would use romaine lettuce. If I was craving hot cheetos I try to eat Veggie Straws w/ Valentina Hot Sauce (super yummy by the way). Y'all get the idea. Learning to portion my meals was also something I did. You have to listen to your body and know when enough is enough. 

March 2018

After doing Alexa Jean for two months, I decided to makeup my own workout guide in March. It was pretty basic, a few minutes of cardio followed by a full body workout. It takes a good 45 minutes to complete. I have been doing that ever since. My healthy eating was steady, I had a treat day once a week. I do remember in March I had a few too many treat days though lol but anyway, overall I was doing and feeling good. Now that I have all the before and after pictures I can definitely tell you that April was when I finally felt like all my hard work was paying off. 

May 2018-Present 

At the end of April, we ended up going to North Carolina. I was there for two months. Now I knew my eating was going to be all over the place! Why? You may ask. Well because my mom loves to make my favorite foods! And I mean she makes a whole lot of it and you can't say no to her lol so during those two months, I ate kinda bad but not as bad as I was expecting. I did continue to workout 5-6 days out of the week and I think that's what kept me from putting on some weight. 

Since I started this journey, I am amazed at how much my body can do. It's been six months, it has taken SIX months for me to FINALLY get use to this healthier lifestyle! It is not easy y'all! Trust me. It takes a lot of determination and tons of trial and error. But, for me, it's totally worth it. I can't even explain to you how these past six months have changed me. How much I've pushed myself, how many times I kept myself from giving up, how many times I talked myself into completing my workout! These are the same leggings I wore to take these pictures. They're pretty loose on me now, which feels pretty amazing. 

Again I started this whole process SLOWLY! I didn't want to just jump into it and run 2 miles and eat salads lol and expect to look and feel healthier, number one it's not healthy at all lol Your body needs lots of food. Number two, pushing yourself to run two miles is a bit much, well at least when you start off. The number one thing I can tell you is to NOT GIVE UP! If you really want this, you have to work hard for it. Expect to have bad days, because not everyday is going to be a good day. Another thing is, DO NOT WEIGH yourself! BUT DO take progress pictures. I personally feel like the scale is just not a good idea lol There's nothing wrong with weighing yourself once a month, but doing it every week, I feel like puts a lot of pressure on you. 

I love to share these whole journey with you all because I hope I can help at least one person out there. Everything I've said in this post is from personal experience, and again tons of trial and error. Please don't ever compare yourself to others because we are all different. Especially as a mom, it can get hard to find the time to workout, but again that's where determination comes in. I was working out during Julian's naptime but I think he is getting to the no-nap stage, so I've adjusted my routine and do my workouts in the morning. Again as a mom I don't have the time to drive to the gym, spend two hours, and then drive back home. That's why I decided to create my own guide that works for me. All the exercises can be done at home and you can add weights as you go. And it only takes 45 minutes out of my day. 

I feel like some of us are afraid to even begin because we feel like we need a gym membership, and you DON'T. There are a lot of workout videos on Youtube and Pinterest. And you can always email me ( & i'll be glad to share my guide with you. It's nothing fancy though lol I hope y'all enjoyed this lengthy post! And remember to do this FOR YOURSELF! Thank you so much for stopping by! 

-I do not claim to be a health nutritionist nor a personal trainer
-All that is in this post is from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE
-I am not stating that I have a "six pack" nor that I am America's Next Top Model 
-If something that was said in this post offends you please reach out to me, that is not the purpose of my blog

That is all! :) 

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