Friday, July 27, 2018

Happy Friday my lovely readers! 

I'm actually looking forward to this weekend! My husband is off and we're planning on heading to the beach! Last time I took Julian to the beach was with grandma & grandpa and he LOVED it! He literally threw a fit when we had to leave! But I mean who can blame him right? The beach is the perfect place to relax! I think we're going to Galveston, and although it's not my favorite it's still fun! My favorite for sure has to be Port Aransas! We went with my husbands God parents last year and it was so much fun and the water was beautiful! I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 

For today's post I'm going to be sharing how I curl my hair with a flat iron! I've received a couple of requests to show y'all so that's what we're doing today! I do have a video up on my Instagram story as well so y'all can get a better idea of how I do it! You can follow me HERE

Products I used:
-Remington Flat Iron 
-Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo 

I know I probably should buuuttt lol I don't use a heat protector in my hair. Also these aren't like big bouncy curls, I'm really not into that too much, I prefer my curls more loose and soft. I do love to give it a little volume at the roots but I'm still practicing "teasing" my hair! Lol I hope y'all enjoy! And if this seems complicated please let me know lol I took these pictures myself so I did the best I could! Again, I do have a short video on my Ig story so make sure to head over there if you'd like! 

Okay so y'all know I'm pretty bad at explaning so here goes nothing....this is second day hair, which I find works best for curls in general. I wish I could be those types of girls that can go almost a whole week without washing their hair, but girlfriend, I didn't get that lucky! Lol So three days is usually the max for me. This WILL work with fresh hair but, at least with me, my curls come out too "soft" and they don't last all day. I can typically hold these curls for an additional day without having to touch up, awesome right? I can't take all the credit for it because I swear by my flat iron! It just works amazing! And it's around $20! Personally I feel that flat irons curl your hair so much better than a regular curling iron! 

So of course make sure your hair is brushed out smoothly! This is key to making sure your curls come out good, if you just do an okay job at brushing it, you'll notice that when you curl it, the curl will be kinda messy with hairs sticking out all over the place lol. Once you've done that, depending on if I want cute curls & if I have the time, I'll section it off, if not I part it in half and start grabbing pieces of hair and start curling. I have my flat iron on the highest temp, and you want to clamp your hair and twist outwards, you want to make sure the ends of your hair are facing AWAY from you're face. As you're twisting, you want to, fairly quickly, slide the flat iron down, and you should have a beautiful curl! I hope all that made sense lol 

I do want to mention, if you want more of "tighter" curls as your twisting just slide the flat iron slowly, and you should get your bouncy curls! As you can see by the pictures I start my curls towards my ends, I don't usually start from the roots. That's just personal preference. And once we're all done, I go in and spray some dry shampoo on my roots and on the ends. This is my favorite dry shampoo ever! It works amazing, I HIGHLY recommend it! And we are all done! This is the only way I curl my hair and I love it! It's super quick too, take in mind I have thick long hair, this takes me at least 10 minutes to do! 

I hope y'all enjoy this post & thank you so much for stopping by! 
Thank you AGAIN for your support! It means the world to me! 

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