Monday, June 25, 2018


Happy Monday! Welcome back to my blog! I know it's been FOREVER! I made the decision to re-launch my baby, CoffeeWithRosa  for a couple of reasons. Reason number one being that I wanted a "fresh start" , I have stopped & restarted about four times since 2012! So I needed it lol Plus I wanted to give it a little face lift, nothing to fancy but I love the simplicity of it. Everything is still the same, I'll be sharing fitness, life, fashion & all that good stuff as usual! I hope y'all love my new blog & thank y'all for the amazing support! 

Since I have been absent for a couple of months now, I thought I would share with y'all where I've been! We left to North Carolina in April ,sometime, for a family emergency, we dealt with that & then on May 25 my nephew decided to make an early arrival! He was six weeks early but is doing so good now and is the most perfect little angel! Being a mom is amazing, but being an aunt comes in real close! It felt like we spent majority of our time in hospitals, but I thank the Lord we are over it now. I'm thankful I was able to spend a good two weeks at home with my sister & nephew! 

We're back in Texas now and boy is it HOT! Julian already had two nose bleeds and this mama is trying to make sure he stays hydrated! He did so good on that 19 hour trip! He's three years old now and y'all I can't believe it! Where did my baby go! He definitely misses grandpa a ton! They are seriously best friends! It's the sweetest thing ever! But we are so happy to be home and with our favorite guy! I didn't eat so well these past couple of months, I still worked out but I could tell I was having too many "treat" days lol I'm trying to get back on track now, and i'll be sharing with y'all my six month update soon! 

I have so many ideas for my blog and I can't wait to share them with y'all! Again thank you for sticking by my side! 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Happy Tuesday my lovely readers!

I'm back with another Coffee Talk Tuesday! Today's post is inspired by two things; number one is the quote "I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now", & number two is the good old Facebook Timehop thing! Which showed me the picture I took of my husband and Julian on our first night in our house! And it all kinda just hit me in the face, I feel like that tends to happen to me a lot, it's kinda like God saying "snap out of it", I  know I know sounds crazy! BUT that's how I know God is with me.

So let's rewind back to March 2017, my husband was three months away from graduating the academy and I was working full time for Caremark in San Antonio.I had a good job and the pay was even better! I just disliked mail order! It just wasn't my thing. During that month my husband found the perfect home for us, it had a big yard, well its technically a ranch lol anyway when we went to look at it we both instantly fell in LOVE! It was PERFECT! So of course we decided to go for it.   We went through the whole process and I remember PRAYING to God every single day that we could get it, I remember telling him I'd go to church more often, that I'd learn to be more grateful, that I would pray more, just all those things. I also remember PRAYING for my husband to make it through the academy and again with the same promises. In the end we got the house and my husband made it through the academy, but do you think I've kept my promises? Nope! And trust me I am ashamed of that.

But let's rewind back a little more to January 2012, I had just been through a tough relationship, an abusive & toxic relationship which I didn't think I could ever get through but I did. I PRAYED to God to allow me to find a good man , and to heal my heart and soul. I remember always planning to be married by 23 and have my first child by 25, so yeah let's all take a second to laugh lol anyway I PRAYED to God so much for these things, and now I have them, I have a good husband and a perfect little boy! So fast forward to 2016 when I knew we would be moving to San Antonio, at first I was super excited because I saw that as an awesome opportunity to start blogging again! And just putting myself out there because it's a huge city you know! I started making all these plans that I would invest time in my blog, to grow it more, to take awesome pictures, to interact with bloggers and all that stuff, but yet once I got there I did none! Again I PRAYED to God to allow me to make those dreams come true, again with the same promises. I kept making excuses, that I didn't have a good camera, that I didn't have a good labtop, that I didn't have wifi, I didn't have the time, oh and the list goes on!!!!

So I didn't continue with my blog, during the time we were in San Antonio we were living with my mother in law. I was so grateful that we were able to stay there! But again, I wanted more. I PRAYED to God that we could find a home soon, somewhere were I could cook for my little family, somewhere were I could decorate it, where I could let the dishes pile up lol, and just have our little "love nest", and well here we are. I have ALL the things that I have PRAYED for! And to be honest I feel ashamed, because I keep wanting more! And you know what's one thing that I'm just so idk ashamed off, I remember being soo annoyed once because I was trying to take pictures for my blog with my older camera and they just weren't coming out good, and I remember telling my husband "if I had this camera I wouldn't be having this issue", and OMG! I look back now and I wish I could slap myself lol but really! So guess what I got for Christmas, yup my husband bought me that $600 camera! But do you think I have stopped making excuses as to why I can't make the time and put in the effort to grow my blog? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

The moral of this whole story lol is that I can't remember a time where I have just THANKED GOD, I don't. Where I just look back on my life and give a simple THANK YOU to the man who made it all happen. Because like the quote says " I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now". And it's a quote that just speaks to me because it's sooo true!  This year one of my goals was to be more grateful for what I have, because it may not seem like a lot but I have everything I could possibly need. We may not be rich but we have enough to have a roof over our heads, a car to get us where we need to go and enough money to put food in our mouths. And when I think about all these things I'm reminded of just how good our God is and if I could just stop doubting him and just trust him more, I would probably live a worry-free life and even a happier life.

I did and am doing a lot of PRAYING but not enough THANKING. And that's one thing I'm going to work on, because there's really no point on working on myself on the "outside" if I'm not doing that same on the inside. So I hope y'all enjoyed this super long post and I'm sorry for taking yall back and forth lol but Gosh does feels soooo good to share this post with y'all!

A LITTLE NOTE TO MY HUSBAND: I am soooo grateful you bought me that camera and I promise to use it a loooot more! And also thank you for spending $600 on me because you know to me that's a ton of money! And it still makes me cringe just to think about it, just like I cringe on the $300 you spent on "fixing" my phone! Just like I cringe whenever you spend more than $10 on me! lol I love you and I promise I'm grateful for all that you do for us! I love you sooooo muchhhhh!!!!!! Oh and Happy Early Birthday!

Thank you so much for stopping by! & I’ll see y’all on Frida
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