Friday, November 1, 2019

Happy Friday friends! 

I hope you all had a wonderful & safe Halloween! It's currently ten in the morning and Julian is eating some of his candy, so I guess you can say I'm the best mom ever! He is living his best life! haha I posted a video of him singing Jingle Bells on my private Facebook so clearly he is over Halloween and moving right on to Christmas! 

So on this wonderful Friday I am going to be sharing my current foundation routine! I posted one last summer, and it was time to update it because I'm not using majority of those products anymore! I have FINALLY found a drugstore foundation that I love & I can't wait to share! 

Okay this is me bare face! Besides my brows & eye shadow! Over the years I have actually grown more confident in my skin and just, sometimes, rocking the no makeup look! 

STEP 1: MAYBELLINE INSTANT PORE ERASER PRIMER (available here): I have been using this primer for the longest time! Hands down one of my faves! It helps out tremendously with my pores! I think this is a great dupe for the Benefit Pores No More primer, I tried a sample of it a few years back and loved it but I knew I could find a dupe for it at the drugstore. I concentrate this mostly in my T zone and then whatever is left I apply it to the rest of my face. 

STEP 2: MILANI STICK FOUNDATION SHADE "275 AMBER"(available here): Y'all this foundation is AMAZING! I love it so dang much! I've been using it for the past 3 months and I literally have never loved a drugstore foundation so much! I use these Amazon brushes (available here), the flat top brush to apply it. I always start from the center of my face and work outward. This foundation is medium to full coverage, and just feels great on the skin! Doesn't feel cakey or heavy at all! I picked mine up at Walmart! After I've blended it out with my brush I go back in with my ELF beauty sponge (available here) and using the flat side of the sponge just pat the foundation in to make sure there's no streaks. 

STEP 3: FLOWER BEAUTY LIGHT ILLUSION CONCEALER "MEDIUM HONEY" (available here): Then I apply my concealer using the same beauty sponge but now we're using the pointy side! This shade is a bit to light for my liking but overall I love this concealer! It's hydrating and has great coverage! I find that most concealers are too drying for my under eye and this one has been the best so far. 

STEP 4: RIMMEL LONDON PRESSED POWDER "TRANSPARENT" (available here): This is such a great & affordable powder! Oldie but a goodie! Using the same sponge I press some of the powder onto my under eye. Then using my Real Techinques powder brush (available here) I grab some more of the powder and set the rest of my face! I love this powder because it doesn't leave a white cast on my face! 

STEP 5: NYX MATTE BRONZER "DEEP TAN" (available here): I've talked about this bronzer before and well I still love it! It's the perfect bronzer! Not to red and not grey at all! I'm applying it to the hollows of my cheeks, making the fishy face, and then onto my forehead and jawline. I'm using the angled brush from the Amazon set. 

STEP 6: MILANI BLUSH "CORAL COVE" (available here): If you watched my tutorial on my IG stories than you can tell that I love this blush! haha Let's just say this poor fellow has seen better days. I apply it using this ELF stipple brush (available here) and I go a little crazy with my blush, I love blush. 

STEP 7: WET N WILD LOOSE HIGHLIGHT POWDER "HUSTLE & GLOW" (available here): This has been everyones favorite! It's only $5 and this bad boy will last you for several months! It's the best drugstore highlight! I love it! If you haven't tried it go snag it up! You'll fall in love with it too! 

STEP 8: MAYBELLINE SETTING SPRAY (available here):I recently started using this setting spray and I don't know what took me so long to try it! Works so good! I can go a full 8 hours without getting too oily! And the sprayer is what dreams are made of!

And that is it for my foundation routine! Then I just go ahead and apply my mascara & lipstick! And then just a tad bit more setting spray! This foundation is good y'all and I highly recommend it! I hope you guys enjoyed it and be sure to check out my Instagram to see this baby in action! You can follow me HERE. I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend & thank you so much for continuing to support me! 

See ya Friday with a workout post! 

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