Monday, December 30, 2019

Happy Monday friends!

This is going to be somewhat of a lengthy so make sure to grab a snack! 

Phew! 2019 was a heck of a year! Definitely one of the toughest too. I'm sure we've all seen the meme that says "2019 was like but did you die though", that's a pretty good summary of this year lol 

There's 3 life lessons I learned this year, the hard way. 


I know you hear it all the time but it is true! In the last week I learned how fast things can change, how fast life can end, and just to enjoy and appreciate every second you have with the people you love. I'll admit I'm not afraid of dying but I'm afraid of losing someone I love. I know it's bound to happen, it's part of the circle of life but I truly don't know if I would be able to get through it. I love my family so much and the older I get the more I realize that my parents and my sister are God sent! I couldn't do this life without them. In my husbands job field the thought always crosses my mind because every single day he's putting his life on the line, it's a thought that I have fought hard to keep in the back of my mind. Love the people around you, appreciate & cherish them. This life is short, you only have one. Work for all the things your heart desires. Work towards your goals, even if they seem crazy to some people. Just remember that life REALLY IS SHORT. 


Okay listen! I'm not much of a friend maker okay! I have about 2 real friends and I'm totally fine with that! This year I guess I was feeling a bit wild lol and decided to you know put myself out there and give this whole "make new friends" thing a shot, nope never again! Maybe because im 25 but making friends at this age is idk weird? hard? I personally feel like I've bent over backwards for people and that definitely back fired so there's that. I'm not saying i'm not welcoming new friendships into my life anymore but I'm choosing my "circle" wisely. 


I will be talking more in depth about this "topic" in another post but I'm just going to briefly touch on it. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! For the past few years I always felt like I had to fight this depression on my own, that I would be weak if I reached out for help. That I would be considered one of "those" people for taking medication. When I started my fitness journey about 2 years ago, I noticed a HUGE change. Working out really saved my life. I felt great for the next year or so but I slowly began to fall. I'd have days where I picked myself back up and fought through it, but there came a point where I was so close to losing "this" battle. One thing led to another and I finally reached out for professional help. By far the best decision I've ever made. It wasn't easy. BUT my son needs me, my husband needs me, and of course my family does too. 

I know life can get tough, trust me I know, but you have to take care of yourself. I live by this quote, "you can not pour from an empty cup", and girl you just can't! Make time for yourself, even if that means waking up and hour before your kids. Take that hour and have some "me" time, get ready for the day, put on a killer outfit, drink your morning coffee in peace, I mean whatever makes you happy, do it! Start the day off by taking care of yourself! It's something that I'm slowly learning to do but when I do it, my household runs so smoothly, the day runs smoothly I mean it just makes me feel so dang good! 


I guess you can say "career" wise 2019 wasn't all that bad! I was given great opportunities and overall I'm just grateful for them. Of course I wouldn't be given these opportunities without your support so THANK YOU! Thank you for allowing me into your lives, thank you for supporting my blog! Thank you for shopping through my links and just a big huge THANK YOU! I can't wait to see what 2020 has in store for me! 

2019 was a tough year. Life was tough, if it wasn't for my sister and my husband I wouldn't be here, writing this post right now. But here I am, and I am so thankful! I'm thankful I made through this year. 

Here is to 2020! May God bless us all and may you stay motivated & achieve all your dreams & goals!

I hope you all have a blessed & happy day!

See you next year! 

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  1. And I will continue to be here for you as long as God permits🙏🏻...Love you dearly❤️