Monday, March 14, 2022


Happy Monday friends! 

Y'all I cannot believe I'm 28! I know it's not a big deal for some but for me it is HUGE! Not only am I getting closer to 30, but I literally feel like a whole different person. Not specifically since I turned 28, but in the last year. I think for the last couple of years, I've shared a birthday blog post with things I've learned so of course I am not skipping this one! 

Before I begin, I wanted to give you a warning, or trigger warning. Suicide will be briefly talked about in this blog post. If you've been dealing with episodes, please do not read this post. 

  1. Getting older is REALLY a privilege- I see this quote often on Pinterest and I couldn't agree more. There are sooo many people who have lost their lives WAY too soon and I constantly remind myself that getting older is a privilege. On the days a see a wrinkle or two start to show I just repeat those words and move on. 
  2. It's okay to PRAY out loud- Y'all for the LONGEST time I was so shy about praying out loud. Praying around my husband or anyone for that matter. I just felt that in a way I was being judged (the irony). I slowly started to get over that fear and I just let God fuel my soul and pray for my people. My prayers aren't perfect, but they're not meant to be. 
  3. The IDGAF attitude is starting to show- This is def something that I noticed I developed as I got older lol and quite honestly, it's so freeing! I was always the one to worry about what people would think about me or what I did, or this social media thing, but now I really just don't care lol I will set up my tripod and get to working in the middle of town if I need to. 
  4. Suicide is NOT an option- TRUST me on this one. Life gets tough so tough that there's a point where you may think that ending it is the only option you have. IT'S NOT! I promise you it's not. I have been there, and I thank God every.single.day that I didn't go through with it. 
  5. MENTAL health is just as important as physical health- I didn't realize how true this was, until I knew something was wrong. I kept thinking I may be sick, blood pressure, etc. But I was making myself sick, if that makes sense. I wasn't taking care of my mental health. I was just feeding my negative thoughts and stress. 
  6. Stay up to date with your regular checkups- LISTEN! Stay up to date with your checkups. I see more and more people at or around my age that are getting "sick" with things that could have been found waaay earlier. 
  7. You will LOVE a lot- it's true...of course you'll find your TRUE love but in the meantime you'll fall in love a few times, and it's okay! 
  8. SEASONAL friends are a thing...and it's okay- you will be sent friends who were meant to be in your life for a reason, it may not be a long lasting friendship but it'll be special, and again, that is okay! Seasonal friends are just that. 
  9. BOUJIE but realistic- you can love all the boujie things in life, you can work hard for them but you can also stay realistic. Don't feel like you have to have it NOW. Again, been there done that lol 
  10. IT'S OKAY to not have it all together- I always envisioned my life at 28 to be something like, 2 kids, a beautiful home along with a ranch, completely debt free, and to have bought a house for my parents (close to us), my blog would have been my full time job and I would've hired my sister as my assistant. Don't get me wrong, I am very luck to have THIS life, but of course somedays it feels like I don't have my life together. Like I've let myself down. Social media doesn't really help either, when you see other bloggers making bank, or the perfect family picture. Believe it or not, they probably don't have their life together either, even though it may seem like it. 
  11. WORK OUT, it's either now or never- if you read some of my fitness blog posts from previous years, I constantly say "we're not getting any younger" or "the older we get the harder it gets to stay motivated"....IT'S TRUE!! IT'S REALLY REALLY TRUE. Getting back to a good workout routine and eating healthier is so much harder this time around. 
  12. SAVE MONEY- If I could just go back and tell my younger self to save, save, save I would! 
  13. BE YOUR OWN person- whether your married and have a family or single. Don't lose yourself! And if you do it's okay just make sure to find yourself again. Don't feel like you have to follow your spouses shadow or that you are only MOM, you can be a damn good mom and still do all the things that set your soul on fire. 
  14. IT'S OKAY to settle....for a little while- there are many quotes that say "don't settle" but I think it's okay to settle, temporarily. Settle and work hard until you reach your full potential. 
  15. COMPLIMENT people- If you've been around me, I'm pretty sure I have complimented you at least once or twice, maybe even more lol A compliment goes such a long way and always puts a smile on peoples face!