Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Happy Wednesday friends! 

It feel like it has been a while, although it's only been about a week! haha I had the urge to write this post, and if you've been following me you know I usually do my Coffee Talk series on Tuesdays (CoffeeTalkTuesday), it completely slipped my mind that today is actually Wednesday! #mombrain but I really wanted to get this post out today, so here we are! 

I mentioned my husband was in an accident almost a month ago and since than he has been on light duty. I'm a stay at home mom, so obvi he is the only one bringing in income. Ever since his accident, my mind has been full of "what if's" . I love being a stay at home mom, I love being able to spend quality time with Julian, I love making dinner for my husband, but I'm not going to lie, sometimes it sucks not helping out financially. 

Back in maybe 2010ish, I actually started making Youtube videos! I know! When I started I was SO excited. I wanted to show people outfits, fashion tips, makeup , all that jazz. I did that for maybe a year and then I QUIT. I QUIT because I was afraid of what people would think. I was afraid people would make fun of me, although it was something I genuinely LOVED, I was TOO focused on what people would say.  

I then started my blog in 2011, blogging to me is AMAZING. You get to connect with people, and read their story and all the great things they have to share. I QUIT blogging because AGAIN I was afraid of people making fun of me, I didn't want to be "weird". 

My blog has been on and off for about 5 years now, I started back up in 2015, QUIT again in 2016, started again in 2017 and QUIT again, and now I'm FINALLY making it my goal to move forward because it's something I LOVE to do! 

I promise this post has a point! 

I keep asking myself WHAT IF, I wouldn't have quit Youtube, I could be helping provide for my family right now, IF only I would've followed my heart. 

I keep asking myself WHAT IF, I wouldn't have quit Blogging, I could be helping my husband pay the bills, and just having that "backup" income. 

But I MADE myself QUIT because I was too concerned with what people would think and say. I didn't follow my heart, I didn't work hard for my goals, because I was afraid. Social Media has turned into something great, for some, it's a way they pay the bills, it's a way they can be at home with their children and still have some income, it's a way people HELP other people find confidence, help them find their style, help them find budget friendly pieces, heck even helped some people learn how to cook (me)! 

Being a stay home mom is hard y'all! I personally thought it was going to be fabulous! I have worked since I was able too, I went back to work when Julian was 8 weeks old, so not bringing in any income, has been a HUGE adjustment for me. 

So, if you're thinking about blogging, vlogging, Youtube or whatever it is you have your mind set to, DO IT! People will judge & talk NO MATTER what! Do what you love! You really don't know who you might be inspiring. My main point of this "venting" post is that, I've been beating myself up because this could have been my career, my full time job, if I just kept working hard and doing what I love. So don't be me lol! No matter what it is that you want to do, DO IT! You might feel silly at first, for asking your husband to snap pictures of you infront of a brick wall or to stop on the side of the road because it's the PERFECT Fall tree, but HE'LL get use to it! haha Right babe?!

I hope y'all enjoyed this kinda random post! Thank you so much for stopping by & for continuing to support my blog! I promise you, every like, comment & share helps me out a ton! & doesn't go unnoticed! 

**Thank you to Rue 21 for providing me with this gorgeous outfit**

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