Friday, December 7, 2018

Happy Friday friends! 
I've been slacking here, on my blog, lately. I've been in that funk where I'm losing motivation in ALL the things, so I'm slowly finding ways to motivate myself. I have also been busy working on my NEW Workout Guide that I will be sending out in January! I already have a group of girls that will be doing it, and I'm so excited! Honestly, I haven't been this excited to create something in soooo long! 

I'm putting a lot of effort into this guide to help you achieve your goals! I have mentioned it several times over on my Instagram, but I'm going to work super hard to achieve my goals next year, I want to work hard and be able to look and feel good #summerbodiesinprogress 

With the New Year being only a few weeks away, I'll also be sharing some of my 2019 goals in next weeks blog post! One of the those goals is posting more What I Eat In A Day blog posts! I always get good feedback on those types of posts, and there's a few recipes that I would really love to share with y'all!  

So with all that being said, today's blog posts is another What I Eat In A Day! I hope y'all enjoy & I promise to post more often! Thank you guys again so much for continuing to support my blog & this hobby of mine! 


BREAKFAST: I started back up on drinking my ACV! Which is the first thing I do in the mornings, then I, of course, make my cup of coffee! This has breakfast sandwich has been my go-to! It's so yummy! & if you haven't tried this salsa, you need to get your hands on it! 

LUNCH: I made this super easy salad! I had some leftover chicken and I just added some cheese and a small amount of my favorite dressing! & a banana! 

DINNER: Chicken Alfredo is my fave! This time around I did something different to cut back on some of these carbs, I boiled some broccoli, I left them pretty big and I added them to my plate first and then on top I added the pasta. I was so FULL and most of my plate was broccoli. 

LATE NIGH "SNACK": I try my best to not eat anything after 6:30pm. Lately I've been ending my night with some Abuelita, which is basically hot chocolate. It's ALL about balance y'all! 

I totally forgot to take pictures but I did drink a gallon of water this day, I try my best to do that 3 times a week! 

I hope y'all enjoy this post, and thank you so much for taking the time to read! Have a fabulous weekend! 

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