Monday, December 10, 2018

Happy Monday!

I had a very long to do list today so it is now almost 2 o' clock and I'm barely getting ready for the day! But laundry is almost done which is a HUGE accomplishment! Am I right?! Although I am a stay at home mom, I love to get ready for the day. Which includes putting on a cute but casual outfit and adding some makeup! This always makes me feel put together and motivated. It can be so easy to just to stay in my pjs all day & binge watch Netflix! But I try my best to stray from that! haha 

I wanted to share my My Favorite Products Under $10! I am no expert in makeup & y'all should know that by now lol but I know the basics. 

These products that I'm sharing are soo good! You can find them all at the drugstore! I love to stick to a good makeup routine because when you're running late, you already know what products you're going to use & you don't have to sit there and dwell on what makeup to use. 

So here we go... 


WET N WILD MATTE FACE PRIMER: If you have oily skin this primer is for you!! It is sooo good! I started using this towards the end of the Summer and it kept me from getting super greasy like I usually do. Now that it's cooler my skin gets a little dry so I use a VERY small amount of this primer. I definitely recommend this!  

Maybelline Fit ME! Matte + Poreless: This foundation is hands down my favorite drugstore foundation! I am in between shades right now (322 & 330), one is a tad bit too light and the other is a tad bit too dark! So that's where we are in life haha! Anyway this is a light to medium coverage foundation, so it's perfect for that "everday look", it goes on the skin so smoothly, and they have SOO many shades! Go grab you one girl! 

Makeup Revolution Banana Baking Powder: Makeup Revolution in general has some good makeup products. So this one is no exception! I apply this under my eyes after I apply concealer and let it bake for 1 minute, I then buff it all out and whatever is left I apply all over my face. It gives that PERFECT finish to my makeup! 

Wet N Wild Highlighter "Crown of My Canopy": Okay ladies! If there's one thing you need to get your hands on is this highlighter! It is the! & extremely affordable! If you're more of a tan complexion, this is going to look soo good on you! Trust me! 

NYX Matte Bronzer "Deep Tan": I was never into bronzing, and honestly it's because I didn't know how to do it. So after watching quite a few Youtube videos I think I somewhat know what I'm doing! I've been using this bronzer for almost 3 months now & I love it! It's matte & it's the perfect color, I swatched a few at the drugstore but they looked kinda grey on me, so then I saw this baby & it was perfect. 

Milani Stay Put Brow Color: I LOVE this brow pomade! I think this is my first time trying a eyebrow pomade, but it makes filling in my brows so much easier! And this brown doesn't have that reddish tint to it, which is awesome! 

L'oreal Telescopic Mascara: I'm not cheating on my L'oreal Lash Paradise! BUT this is my second favorite! I will say this one dries pretty fast so that's the only down fall to it, but other than that it works wonders on my lashes! 

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink "Amazonian" : This has been my go-to lip color for the past couple of months! It's long lasting and goes great with my skin color (at least I think so). If you haven't tried any of the Matte Ink lip colors, head to the drugstore and pick one up, you won't regret it! 

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water: This is a great makeup remover! It's not harsh on your skin and it leaves it feeling moisturized! I heard the one from Garnier leaves your skin feeling kinda greasy, so I decided to try this one out and I love it! 

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