Monday, March 25, 2019

Hey friends! Happy Monday! 

For today's post I wanted to just come on here and chat with you guys, give you a little update and mainly just pour my feelings out to y'all! Because girl, a lot has been on my mind. 

This past month has been so, I don't know, crazy? To start things off, we lost a loved one. It's a new emotion for me because I haven't lost someone so close to me, you kinda just feel out of it, like it's not really happening, but once "things" are done, it hits you that, that person isn't coming back, that it's going to be awhile before you see them again. Sometimes you feel guilty because you go about your day like normal, you don't think about the person, until you lay in bed. And then that overwhelming feeling of just wanting to cry and cry hoping that will make that person come back hits you. 

But that's life right? You're only here for a little while and then, well your times up. It put things into perspective for me because life really is so short, you can make life as great or as miserable as you want. It's all up to YOU! You can sit around complaining about everything you don't have or enjoy every little thing around you, even the smallest thing, there's always something to be grateful for. 

With everything that went on, let me say that we have been so off schedule. I'm definitely a routine type of gal, so it's taken a toll on me to kinda be all over the place, and Julian? Bless my poor child! It's taken him some time to get use to pre school again. 

He cried bloody murder when I dropped him off today, and my mama heart just couldn't take it. I left him crying and well you already know, I shed a few tears in the car too! Thankfully his wonderful teacher called me to let me know he had calmed down, and I felt a little better. But does it ever really get better? I mean Julian and I have been so close since the start! (you get it haha) but really! My baby is a mamas boy for sure! 

I'm so glad we put him in pre school though, it's preparing him for kindergarten and also preparing me!  

Also today was my first day working out, it's been about a week! I was getting back into the groove of things and then bam! I hurt my right foot! I pulled a muscle (if that's even a thing) and it's finally starting to feel better! I got a simple workout in but hey a workout is a workout am I right? 

That's it for now, thanks for letting me vent to y'all! Now this mama is about to start on our evening routine and maybe binge watch Charmed, for like the 100th time, oh and by "binge" I mean watch one or two episodes and hit the sheets (no later than 9:30)!  #thisis25 

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