Friday, March 29, 2019

Happy Friday friends! 

I hope you all had a wonderful week! This week for us kinda went by as a blur. One of those "what day is it" type of week. But we made it to Friday so cheers to that. 

I'm coming to you today with a very special blog post! I feel like in the last couple of months I haven't gotten as personal as I use to with y'all! There are somethings I do keep to myself but others I like sharing with y'all because it's a part of life, and you really don't know who you could be inspiring or helping. If you didn't read Monday's blog post you can check it our HERE  but I shared a life update. 

Okay so technically I've been a LEO wife for a little over a year, it feels like forever though! I mean, I honestly thought this would be a little easier than military life BUT they're pretty dang close! I kinda went in to it thinking "okay y'all went through the military sure enough this is easier right"? Not the mind set you want to go in with! lol  

My husband loves his job, I'm sure I've said this a gazillion times but my husband has a heart of gold and just genuinely loves to help people. He can literally make a friend in 0.2 seconds! (not kidding) and ALWAYS sees the good in people (wish I was more like him)! So this career is right up his alley! 

To answer the most common question and most important.."do you ever stop worrying" the answer is a big NO! I worry the second he walks out the door and my heart is finally at ease when I hear that velcro (if you know, you know) BUT it does get easier, you keep yourself busy and although "worry" is still in the back of your mind you just go on about your day. Take in mind I've only been in this for a little over a year, but I would assume that when your SO is always putting his life on the line that, worry, never fades. 

I mean if you take a second to think about it, a LEO pulls a car over, for lets say speeding, they check their plates, all seems fine and dandy, they go up to the car, they literally don't know what they're walking up to. Yeah they checked the plates but you never know who's driving the car, what their intentions are. They could be anti-police and God knows what they'll do. I mean it takes a BRAVE human being to do what they do. 

Okay so I also want to share 5 things I've learned well am learning along the way...

  1. Learn to love your alone time! --If you follow me on IG than you saw my stories about how my husband and I do better when we have a little distance. I love my alone time so when he's working 10+ hour shifts, I take that time and do me. I read my favorite book, work on my blog, spend one on one time with Julian, etc. 
  2. Find a hobby-- It wasn't until my husband started this job that I finally decided to restart my blog, I love my blog, it's my hobby! I love sharing all the things with y'all from personal, to mom life, to sharing a cute outfit! So if there's something you always wanted to do, this is your time! 
  3. Make friends-- I know what you're thinking "practice what you preach sister"! But I'm doing better y'all! I've made a couple of friends and I think I'm a little more social than I use to be! And in this field you're going to want to find a friend who lets you vent! Because putting his dinner in the microwave 3 nights in row can get pretty annoying! 
  4. Enjoy his day's off-- also trying to do better with this one! When my husbands off we always try to go out and maybe grab dinner or take Julian somewhere fun. Sometimes of course, there are things that need to be done around the house and we do it, and then relax. My husband likes riding around the ranch fixing things here and there and to me, that's work, but to him well he says it's relaxing lol so let them enjoy their days off. 
  5. Don't bombard them with questions-- okay another one i'm working on! haha but seriously I have the bad habit that as soon as my husband gets home I start asking him about his day, if anything "good" happened,  if he can take the trash out, venting to him, asking him play with Julian so I can start dinner, ALL THE THINGS! Sorry babe! Let him cool down when he gets home, unwind, because again, Lord knows what he had to deal with. Everything else can wait. 

I hope y'all enjoyed this post! I love creating these types of posts! And to all my LEO wives, hang in there! 

Thank you so much for continuing to support my blog! Also to my husband for being such a good sport and taking this photo! 

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