Monday, April 15, 2019

Happy Monday friends! 

Today has been a wonderful & productive day. I started the morning off with a 2 mile run and an ab workout! I'm really working hard towards running 5 miles but that'll be a story for another day. I love a good run, it pumps me up for a good workout after! Anyone else? 

The next couple of months I'm going to be focusing on my upper body, I feel like I have neglected my abs & arms, back, all of it! So I'm focusing a little more on those parts of my body. I have recently started tracking how many calories I intake and also TRYING and LEARNING to count my macros. Once I have more knowledge on all that and more experience I will be sharing more of that with y'all! 

Monday's are always my AB DAYS, I always incorporate cardio to all my workouts. I love cardio but if you're not a cardio type of person, of course you don't have to. All this exercises are pretty self explanatory, but I will go over them very quickly. I normally do these for 45 seconds each but today I had other things to check off my to-do list so I cut it short to 30 seconds, adjust to whatever you need. 


EXERCISE 1 & 2: Tuck in crunch-Take opposite arm with opposite leg and bring it in to a tight squeeze, holding during the crunch for a couple of seconds. 

EXERCISE 3: Leg pull up or butt ups-Exactly how the name says, your going to pull your butt up of the floor and squeeze those abs, coming down slowly. If you have lower back issues you might want to skip out on this one, or just work with it slowly and carefully. 

EXERCISE 4: Straight back sit up-Again how the name says, start of as a regular sit up, legs spread just a bit and come up with a straight back, this exercise is so good because you're using your core to come up! 

EXERCISE 5: Leg raises- Okay so it's not secret I LOVE leg raises. They have helped me out a ton with this lower tummy! This is a basic exercise, lay on your back and bring your feet up just enough to feel that crunch. You can make it more intense and slightly hold your head, chin forward, up off the floor. 


Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed today's post, if you try this workout let me know how you like it. As always thank you for continuing to support my blog. Also a HUGE thank you to Threads Boutique for sending me this amazing workout set! To all my local gals, they will be opening up on May 18 in College Station, Texas! Everything in the store will be under $70! 

Disclaimer: I am NOT a personal trainer nor a health nutritionist, everything I am sharing is from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. If you attempt this workout please do it at your own pace. What works for me may not work for you.