Monday, June 24, 2019

Happy Monday y'all! 

It's been such a gloomy day in Texas! I'm currently sitting in the car while Julian takes a quick nap, its almost 4pm so looks like this mama is staying up late. Also can y'all believe my baby turned FOUR! I don't understand why time won't slow down (cue the tears). 

In the last couple of days, a couple of my followers asked me how I got to this point after having him, fitness wise. And honestly its hard. It wasn't until Jan 2018 that I finally put my big girl panties on and started. Julian was born in 2015 so it only took my 3 years to finally start haha BUT don't give up. I PROMISE you that HARDEST part is STARTING! 

Also I'm a stay at home mom, so I needed to find workouts that wouldn't take me more than an hour to complete, because dinner, laundry, cleaning, oh and of course giving your kid attention, doesn't stop. I personally don't think you need a gym to be "fit" or to exercise. All my workouts are done at home, under an hour. We're all in different paths, so I also don't have 2 hours to spend at the gym so when I do my workouts I make sure I push myself. If I can do it you can too girlfriend! 

Another thing that helped me a ton was having Julian on a routine. Nothing crazy but knowing he'd wake up at about 7:30-8:30, gives me time to schedule my workouts, and just me time. I'm all about routines. 

So with that, today I'm sharing a 15 minute HIIT workout! If you don't have 15 minutes just do 10! Some sweat is better than no sweat right? haha. I always do about 10 minutes of cardio before my workouts just to get me pumped. 

I love doing HIIT workouts because they definitely make you break a sweat! 

I hope y'all enjoy! And if y'all give this workout a go, let me know how you did! Also comment below with any other fitness posts you 'd like to see? Or any other workout posts?


  1. I feel like it’s been so gloomy all over! I’m in Cali & it’s been gloomy and in Florida where I’m from it’s been gloomy too! But I agree staying focused and motivated on your fitness journey is key (I’m still working on that LOL)

    1. That's so crazy! I like rainy days but not back to back! lol Yes it's hard girl but don't give up! I've wanted to quit so many times but I feel like I have worked so hard to be where I'm at right now. Hang in there girlfriend!