Wednesday, April 22, 2020

OUTFIT DETAILS [ Snake print kimono *available here*, Ribbed bodysuit (sold out) other options *available here* & *here*, High rise jeans *available here*, Similar nude heels *available here*]

Happy Wednesday friends!

I have been dying to share this outfit with you guys! I feel like I say that every time I publish an outfit post lol But seriously this one is good! 

This is definitely going to be the outfit I wear on our first post quarantine outing! Because we all have our outfits ready right? ha 

This kimono (available here) is so dang good & under $15! Insane, you can use the link I provided to see if it's in stock at Walmart near you. I know most of us aren't going out only for essentials so I'm also linking a similar one HERE & HERE. Also linking two other options for this ribbed bodysuit. Mine is sold out but these two have amazing reviews are, of course, affordable. 

I've mentioned these jeans (available here) before but I got them when I was in NC and love love them. They are super high rise so mom friendly. I should have sized down one because they sit right at my waist. But aside from that, they are phenomenal and flattering! 

Seriously so obsessed with this outfit! I hope you guys enjoy it! 


Okay so as bad as this may sound I try to stay away from watching the news because it is just so dang depressing! But I think some states are talking about reopening soon, and I have mixed emotions about this, which we are not going to get into. But I did want to share my thoughts on one thing. What's next after quarantine? I can only speak for myself but before all this happened, my life was a hot mess, I was a hot mess. I felt like this time that I've been at home, I had time to think about what I wanted in my life, and for my son. I realized there is so so much that I want to do still. With all the uncertainty that surrounds us, I kept thinking what if "it was my time to go", "what if I get the virus & I don't make it?". I know those thoughts are dark but it was what I was thinking. I kept thinking if you die bc of this virus, would you die happy? Would you be okay knowing that you didn't live your life like you wanted? Would you be at ease knowing you didn't do all the things you wanted to do? All the places you wanted to travel but didn't? 

I mean just so many thoughts were going through my head. And I realized, that WOW, I have not "lived". I have things on my bucket list, that have been sitting there for years and I haven't made the EFFORT to cross any of them off. I've just settled. 

So I can really say this quarantine did me good, it did my mind & soul good. Don't get me wrong I was going a little crazy there for a minute but overall, just slowing down in life and realizing what I want in life has turned the "switch" for me! It's a beautiful thing really! So to answer the question...what's next after quarantine? I hope and pray that this world is a much better place. I hope and pray that I accomplish all the things that I set my mind to. I hope and pray that I am able to travel with the people I love. I will no longer take the "little things" for granted, ever. I will enjoy every second with my family. I will try my best to never complain about a packed restaurant, or a long line at the store. I will never take for granted a Sunday at church, and finally I will remember to pray to God even when things are good, not only when they're bad. 

What would you take away from this quarantine? 


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Thank you so so much for stopping by & for continuing to support me! 

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