Wednesday, January 19, 2022

 Hello friends! 

Thank you SO MUCH for the support and love on my last blog post! You guys know how to make a girl feel loved! 

Since my little sabbatical, I have discovered so many new favorites! I plan on also sharing a "Product Empties" soon. There were so many, but I narrowed it down a little bit or at least I tried!

1) CLINIQUE TAKE THE DAY OFF- Okay this product is phenomenal! I stopped using regular makeup wipes a while back because I found it was irritating my skin. So, I gave this a try and y'all! It removes everything! It's on the high-end side but so worth it.

2) LIVING PROOF CLEAN DRY SHAMPOO- Another favorite that is on the pricier side, you guys know I love my affordable products, but I had to try this out! Worth.Every.Penny! It has got to be the best dry shampoo I've tried. I will use my drugstore one on 2nd day hair and then this one on 3rd or 4th day hair. 

3) VASELINE LIP THERAPY & LANEIGE LIP MASK- Phew! These two products have saved my lips y'all! Leaves them so dang moisturized and they aren't idk too heavy or sticky on my lips. If you suffer from chapped lips especially during the winter, these will be your bestfriends! 

4) MILANI LIP LINER & LIPSTICKS- "Cafe au Lait" in the lip liner is such a perfect nude! Also lasts for hours! "Passion" in the lipstick! I think these lipsticks broke the internet. They are that good! I had the hardest time finding the nude shades at my drugstores so you may have to order directly from the Milani website. 

5) LANGE BORAGO HAIR MASK & AMAZON CLAW CLIPS- Lange does no wrong in my opinion so you know this hair mask is GOOD! These claw clips have also been a life saver! I love using them at the gym! 

6) MORPHE JACLYN HILL DIVINE NEUTRAL- My go-to palette! Perfect everyday shades. 

7) FUR OIL- Tasha, my wax girl, put me on this for maybe 6 months now and I've been obsessed! I've been getting Brazilians for almost a year and I will never go back to shaving. This oil helps so much with in grown hairs! 

8) NATIVE DEODORANT- Another life update, I've gone all natural with my deo! Lol best decision I've made for myself. I won't lie the first few weeks was tough and smelly BUT it gets better lol 

9) 180 DEVOTIONS FOR WHEN LIFE IS HARD- I saved the best for last! My best friend Karina gifted this to me, and it has honestly gotten me through the hard days. I highly recommend this to anyone going through a rough time, or a hard season in life. 

This post was definitely a little bit lengthy so if you made this far thank you! 

I will talk to you guys soon! 

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no extra cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. I only share things that I genuinely love and brands that I truly believe in.