Wednesday, January 26, 2022


                                                    OUTFIT DETAILS: ACTIVE WEAR TOP (SM)  // LEGGING (SM) // SLIP ON SNEAKERS (6)

Hello friends!

This post may be a lengthy one so grab a snack! 

The last time I did a fitness update was sometime last year if that (read post here). I started this fitness/health journey I believe January of 2018, so I just celebrated my four years this year! Happy anniversary to me! You would think I'd be ripped by now right? Well life happens y'all! So let's dive in, and I'll share where I went wrong, and what our plan is! 

So yesterday I decided to take my "before" pictures, and y'all I lost it! You guys know I always say "don't pay attention to the scale, focus on how you look and feel" so when I saw those pictures I was unwell. I literally feel like I'm starting from zero, again. 

But in a way that's a good thing, maybe, this time around I feel like I know what works for me, and what steps I need to take. 

I didn't really start to notice my weight gain, till about March 2021. We went to North Carolina to visit my family and I could see it in all the pictures. Then April came around, we're not going to talk too much about this time because well I'm still trying to get over it. 

I think I gained about 20 pounds since April, how do I know you ask? Well since I don't like to weigh myself, I try my best to not pay any mind to it when I'm at the doctors office either but one day it was inevitable. And there it was! 153 pounds. I'm only 4"11 so, mama is looking a little stubby lol

On top of that, I felt so tired all the time!! Fatigued, and just plain ole lazy! 

I got my gym membership November 15, and was honestly dreading it. You guys know I am all about home workouts BUT I really needed something to kick me into high gear. And it also fits perfectly into my routine. I drop Julian off at school and head straight to the gym, I'm in town anyways so I literally have no excuse. 

The motivation to work out is definitely still there. The motivation to eat healthier? We're working on that. 

What is my current goal? And what's the plan?

My current goal is to lose a few pounds, my ideal "number" is 130-135. This week I decided I am all in eating healthier and continuing to workout. I'm kinda doing intermediate fasting, I usually have breakfast about 9:30-10am and then my last meal is at 5:30 or 6. I personally love IF because again, it fits perfectly into my routine. I don't wake up starving or go to sleep hungry. Now somedays are different so I would say that 4-5 days out of the week I do IF. 

At the moment I am following the Alive 1.0 program from Alive by Whitney Simmons App. I am currently on week 7 so almost done. I can't say enough good things about this app y'all. It keeps me motivated, the exercises are easy, she has gym programs as well as at home, and the best part? I only spend about an hour at the gym so WIN! 

Like I did last time, I will be documenting my journey as I go. So if you don't follow me on Instagram, you totally should! I'm a lot more active on there. 

I hope you continue to follow me on this journey! Because we are NOT GIVING UP this time, NO MATTER HOW HARD LIFE GETS!

And I'm leaving with this collage of myself, not awkward at all, for my own motivation! Also a few links to previous blog posts to hopefully motivate you as well! 


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