Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Happy Tuesday! 

Hello friends! I hope y'all had a great Memorial Day! 

Okay so this post is going to be pretty long so make sure you grab a snack! Today I'm going to be sharing some fitness and health updates! And well just chatting a bit with you guys! 

I started my Health & Fitness journey January 2018, so it's been over a year. Prior to this I didn't feel my best, I was VERY anti social! I didn't want to hang out with people or meet new people because I was so self conscious of my body and just everything! Looking back, I was in a bad mood ALL the time. All of this, plus more, had to do with me not being comfortable in my skin. After I had Julian I just let myself go, I stopped doing all the things I love because I was in the mindset that I'm a mom so Julian has to come first. And although that is true, at some point you have to put yourself first. You know that quote that says "you can't pour from an empty cup" , yeah that was me. 

Eventually I got my ducks in a row and finally started taking care of MYSELF again. It's so important as a mom to do just that. 

January 2018 came along and I decided that the time is now, either I'm going to work on myself or keep feeling sorry for myself and whine and complain. I took things slow and started off by running for about 5-10 mins and doing a 10 min workout. I did that for a couple of weeks and once I was getting the hang of things I increased my running time and also my workouts. 

I was SOO motivated the first 3 months, working out 5-6 days a week and running 4-5 times a week, making healthier choices, I noticed a HUGE change in my body and my mental health! 

May 2018- We ended up taking a trip to North Carolina, Julian and I ended up staying with my parents for 2 months. And I kinda went downhill from there. I was stress eating, happy eating, all sorts of eating! Don't get me wrong I'm all about "treat days" but I was treating myself every day. I was working out but you know how it goes, abs are made in the kitchen. So from than up until January 2019 I was half a**ing my workouts. I wasn't putting much effort and I was eating somewhat healthy. 

January-March 2019- I honestly lost motivation! I just didn't want to workout, I wanted to eat whatever I wanted, part of me kept telling myself "just treat yourself, you deserve it", I told myself that everyday lol So for these two months I just kinda did what I wanted. I had little to no self control. 

April 2019-present! Okay so here we are May 28! 

For the past month I have been in such a great place, as far as fitness goes! I knew I had started the year off wrong, unmotivated and just NEEDED to get back on track & get a hold of my life again.

So how did I motivate myself? Well I told myself, "if you don't give up, imagine where you can be in a year"? So I want you to take a second right now, in this moment, stop what you're doing, and think about it. No matter if it's a fitness, health, career goal, just ask yourself.."if I don't give up right now, because I REALLY want too, where will I be in a year"?. And I think we can all agree that a year flies by! Chances are, that you envisioned achieving your goals, living your best life, having more confidence than you do right now, and THANKING yourself for not giving up. And trust me, I know what it feels like to give up on your fitness & health goals, you're kinda like, well I screwed up and cheated today, so I'll just start next month, that leads to next year, and well you know the rest. 

 We ARE NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER! Age really is just a number, how you take care of your mind, body and soul reflects on how you "age", does that make sense? If it doesn't what I'm trying to say is you can either treat your self like crap or you can age like Jennifer Lopez, and I don't know about you but i'll take option two. I'm 25 years old, and quite truthfully I physically feel my best now! The more you tell yourself "i'll start tomorrow", the harder it's going to get to actually start. 

Something that I have incorporated recently is that I have started to track my macros (fat, carb, proteins) now please take in mind, I am NOT an expert, I kinda don't know what the heck I'm doing but I'm LEARNING as I go. I currently intake about 1500 calories. Like I said earlier I am doing Intermittent Fasting, which I will talk more about it in another post, I get all my carbs, protein, & fats in, I don't go to sleep hungry & I don't wake up starving. It has truly been so good for me! Oh I wanted to mention that I'm using the MyFitnessPal app to track my food! 

I get asked quite frequently, what I eat to stay fit without eating salads all the time. First of all I don't know if I'd consider myself "fit" just yet lol BUT one thing I have learned throughout this journey is that it's ALL ABOUT BALANCE! I mentioned in my IG stories last week, on how I was going to have pasta, like the real deal pasta, and how it's been months since I've had it. I have been content with zucchini noodles or sometimes I'd have BirdsEye Vegetable Pasta (soo good) that I didn't really crave "real" pasta. But on this specific day I just felt like having the real deal lol and I had a bowl! Of course everything in moderation. 

I still eat tortillas here and there, I eat bread (we love carbs around here), I cook & eat healthy foods that I know I'll love! You don't want to force yourself to eat healthy foods that you just don't like because chances are you're going to give up easily! I have a board on my PINTEREST, you can follow me HERE, where I pin yummy & health-ish foods! I love salads, and at some point I was eating them all the time thinking that I would achieve my fitness goals that way, but I have learned that it won't haha. 


Okay so I feel like this post is all over the place but hopefully you'll stick around lol 

So I asked  you guys on IG if you had any questions so I'll be answering those below...

What is your workout schedule?
-Currently: Monday 10 Min cardio + abs 
Tuesday 20 min run + arms 
Wednesday 10 min cardio +abs *some arms* 
Thursday 20 min run + lower body ****sometimes I take this day as a rest day**
Friday 10 min cardio + full body 
Sunday 3+ mile run 

How do you plan your fitness routine? Any recs of a fitness plan?
-I've been content with my current workout schedule but just plan your workouts according to you. Like if you're busiest day is Monday, you might not want to do a 20 min run AND a workout, so maybe you'll do a 10 min cardio + x workout. Or if taking Monday as your rest day than do that. As for as deciding what I'm going to "workout", at this current moment I am content with my lower body, so my main focus is my upper body. As you can see, I do genuinely LOVE cardio & running, so if that's not something you like just switch it up. But you can see that I do ab workouts 3 times a week, arms also 3 times a week & lower body just *sometimes* twice a week. I feel like looking at this you think that I workout a lot but my workouts are usually 15-20 mins. // As far as a fitness plan the only one I've tried & loved is from Alexa Jean Fitness, I don't think she sells it anymore but you can check out her IG. I have tried Kayla Itsines but the app was just tooo dang confusing for me. 

I want to start working out in the mornings, do I eat breakfast before or after?
-Okay just to make it clear I AM NOT an expert, BUT this is a good question because if you've been following my journey you know that when I started I was working out in the afternoons during Julians nap time. It worked best for me to workout at that time, and I did try a couple of times to workout in the mornings on an empty stomach but I felt awful after! Fast forward a year into my journey and I do my workout bright and early! I think it's all about how your body responds to it! Give it a try! Like I said in the beginning I couldn't do it without getting sick but now I HAVE to get it done bright & early and I feel perfectly fine! 

How do you manage to get a workout in with a toddler?
-It took some time girlfriend! Just find a good routine that works best for both of you! Also don't feel like you HAVE to go to a gym or HAVE to do 2 hour workouts to see results, because you DON'T! All my workouts are done at home & under 45 minutes! Most of the time I can wake up an hour before Julian wakes up and get my workout AND a quick shower in! #winning


Just to wrap things up I wanted to mention a few more things! I am a stay at home mom so although I don't have to go into an office, I do create a routine for myself. I do think that if I had a 9-5 job I would still find 30-45 minutes to get my workout in. Like I said wake up early or once you get home and just do a quick workout!

I sound like a broken record but STARTING IS THE HARDEST PART! Start of slow, baby steps, and you'll get to where you want to be. 

We are all different just because I personally don't like the gym I am not saying it's bad lol millions of people love going to the gym, maybe i'll get into it in the future but for now I love my home workouts. 

Eating healthy plays a HUGE role! You can workout all day every day but if you're eating fast food every single day, you probably won't see results. 

I love to run, you don't have to do cardio before every single workout but to me, it's kinda like my pre workout lol It gets my hyped up! 

So that concludes my fitness update! I hope y'all enjoyed and stayed till the end! If you did THANK YOU! There are certain topics that I want to talk about individually so i'll be working on those posts soon! And AGAIN please know that I am NOT an expert! Everything I'm sharing is from experience and learning as I go! Constructive criticism is always welcomed around here! 

Thank you so much for continuing to support my blog! It means the world to me! 





MAY 2019 

Also wanted to add....I will not be wearing this bikini bottom! I thought once I lost some weight I'd love it but it's too dang revealing for me! lol I can't really chase a toddler with these! 
but below I changed into something much more comfy! Praise the lord for high waist! 

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