Monday, October 28, 2019

Happy Monday friends! 

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! 

What better way to start of this Monday than with a tip blog post!! I am back on track with my fitness & healthy eating lifestyle and I wanted to share with y'all a few tips on how I did it! It's called a "journey" for a reason so some months I'm all in, eating my veggies and drinking my water, running & getting my workouts in, other months I'm eating a double whopper and sippin on some coke while binge watching Netflix. IT HAPPENS! Don't beat yourself up over it! Just get back on track, don't give up! 

So let's just jump right into it shall we?! 

  1. QUIT MAKING UP EXCUSES!: Okay I promise I'm not screaming to you as I say that, maybe just a tad! haha but really drop the excuses! By now you should know that the more you make excuses the more you'll regret them later! My biggest excuse was "well I'm a mom, I need to rest, I'm so tired". If you're a parent, let's face it, we're going to be tired for the next 18 years or so! So that's really not an excuse anymore. I know you can find 30 minutes for yourself. Wake up before you kids do, or while they're at school get your workout in, or while they're napping. Ask your spouse to take over for 30 minutes and focus on you girl! Now that is about to get cooler we're all going to start using the excuse "it's too cold"! Might as well throw that excuse out the door. I workout at home and of course we have the heater on so I just need to suck it up, get out of my cozy bed & do the dang thing! 
  2. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET: I'm at a point in my fitness & health journey where I'm no longer "dieting", I'm living a healthy lifestyle. Stop using the word "diet", tell yourself, "I want to live a healthier lifestyle, I want to give my body all the good & healthy foods." Trust me when I tell you that when you change your mindset, it's easier to stick true to your journey! 
  3. SWITCH THINGS UP: Every, maybe 3 months, I'm changing my fitness routine. I get bored easily! So when I got back on track this time around, I knew I needed to switch things up. Instead of working one muscle group a day, I'm now doing a full body workout everyday. I don't over do it because I don't want to wear my body out. But my body has been responding well to it! And I'm not bored yet soo lol Find exercises that you love! 
  4. MEAL PREP: Okay so I personally can't meal prep for more than 3 days because like I just said, I get bored. So when I do meal prep I only do it for a few days. BUT I do like to take a day out of the week and chop up my veggies that I will be using. For example I love onion & jalapenos with my eggs, so I go ahead and chop them up and put them in a container, so when I'm ready to make my eggs I don't have to dread chopping! lol Because truthfully I hate chopping lol Also my sweet potatoes, you can go ahead and dice them up or cook them and just store them in the fridge. Just little things that YOU know will make healthy eating easier. 
  5. TAKE MONTHLY PHOTOS: If you've been following me for a while you know I always mention this tip, because I think it's so important and it motivates the heck out of you to see YOUR own PROGRESS! So take monthly pictures to see where your at, where you need to improve & such! I don't take mine weekly, I think it's too much, and well some weeks your bloated and that'll just play with your mind! 

So that's it for my 5 tips! I hope you guys enjoyed this and really hope you incorporate them into your journey! I promise you the hardest part is STARTING! And if you get off track, DON'T GIVE UP! Thank you so much for stopping by & for continuing to support my blog, it means the world to me! 

See y'all Wednesday! 


  1. I am putting it out there that when my knee gets better I will start doing better!!!! I know it’s an excuse already buuut at least putting it out in the world is a stepπŸ™πŸ»

    1. YES SISSY YOU CAN DO THIS!!...well once your knee gets better! lol LOVE YOU!