Monday, October 21, 2019

Happy Monday friends! 

I hope you all have had a wonderful day so far! 

We went to a friends house last night, we didn't get home till about 11 and I went to bed at midnight. Y'all I slept in till about 10am! I can't hang! Lol Neither can Julian! He is usually an early bird no matter what we do the night before but he was exhausted too! But it felt great to sleep in! 

Since I started working out again almost a month ago, I have been doing a full body workout every day. If you read my WORKOUT ROUTINE than you already knew. But anyway, I have noticed my lower body toning up real nice! Not to toot my own horn haha. I switch things up and sometimes I'll use a resistance band, go up in weights or just use my body weight. 

So for today's post I wanted to share one of the many workouts I've been doing. I do about 10 reps on each side and repeat the whole workout for a total of 3 rounds. 

Now lemme tell ya, my legs were on fire! 

I hope y'all enjoy! & if you give this workout a try let me know how you liked it!