Monday, July 1, 2019


Happy Monday! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

We headed to Houston on Saturday and went to our first Astros game! Well first for Julian and I. I was so excited y'all but two minutes in I was over it haha. I don't think baseball is for me! But Julian enjoyed himself so that's all that really matters. I will say the food was good #priorities . Are you a baseball fan? I think I'm more of a soccer & football type of gal, but not really! ha 

I just don't do sports! But honey I can shop till I drop! I'd say that's considered a sport, right?


For today's blog post I wanted to share with y'all  5 TIPS & TRICKS TO CRUSH YOUR FITNESS GOALS! We're already half way through the year, and I want to know have you already given up on your 2019 resolutions & goals? I know I have! Not all of them but I have for sure given up on I'd say 3 out 5 of my goals for this year! I still have some time to redeem myself and trust me I'm working on it! I told myself 2019 would be a better year for me, mentally & physically, and well, I need to put on my big girl panties on and achieve these goals! 

One goal that I haven't given up on is my fitness goals! I've had bumps here and there but I haven't given up! And today I want to share how I've managed to crush some of my fitness goals! 

I hope y'all enjoy and if you have given up, you still have some time to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself this year! 

1.) GET YOUR MIND RIGHT- Now I'm not saying to have all your ducks in a row but if you're constantly complaining about how out of shape you are than well you need to make a change. Or health wise, like I've said a gazillion times, we're not getting any younger and your health is something that should be your top priority. 

2.) SET REALISTIC GOALS- Okay so if you're just starting out you don't want to set a goal of running a marathon within 6 months, which I'm sure is totally doable BUT y'all know I'm all about baby steps. When I started my initial goal was to lose weight, and I did, once I lost weight my goal was to tone up, which I currently am I doing. My goal has kinda shifted a bit but I'll chat about that in another post. But you get the point, set a goal that you know is realistic. 

3.) TAKE BABY STEPS- I sound like a broken record but if you plan on making this a habit, then take baby steps. Start of my doing a few minutes of exercise and increase your time as you go. Find alternatives for your favorite food! And of course treat yourself here and there. 

4.) DO NOT OBSESS OVER THE SCALE!- I repeat DO NOT OBSESS over the scale! In fact don't pay any mind to the scale! Push it to the side and focus on what you see and how you feel! Seven years ago I was waaay to into the "number" and it was not healthy at all! I panicked when I would check it (every single day) and realize I had "gained" a pound! 

5.) MAKE IT FUN!- Lastly make this journey FUN! If you love cardio but you don't love to run then try zumba! There are so many other options for you! Do something that you love, I'm not kidding when I say there's something for everyone! So find your "thing" & crush your fitness goals girlfriend! 

I hope y'all enjoyed this post! Thank you so much for stopping by & for continuing to support my blog! Seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

See ya Wednesday!