Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Happy Friday my lovely readers! 

I hope you all had a wonderful & productive week! This week was good for us! Although Julian has been very whiny, I'm not sure why! I thought maybe he was getting sick because that's usually how he starts off, but nope nothing yet (thank God). I'm sure it's the "threenager" stage lol But overall it was a good week. We've also been meaning to kick him out of our bed, but that hasn't happened yet...I know co-sleeping isn't "recommended" but I just didn't have the heart to make him sleep in his own bed. But now that his three, mama needs some space! I'll keep y'all updated on how that goes..

For today's post I'm going to be sharing my Outfits Of The Week! This is my first time creating one of these types of post so I'm pretty excited about it! Let me know if y'all like them! I usually try to get dressed up at least 3-4 days out of the week, as a stay at home mom I feel like staying in pj's all day makes me feel so unaccomplished and all over the place lol And it's also good to build a little confidence! 

I think my style is more of a casual, affordable & chic style. 

Side note: I am soooo ready for Fall! I have so many good outfits in my mind that I want to try to recreate! 

I hope y'all enjoy & again thank you for stopping by!


Probably our favorite day of the week! It's grocery shopping day! Lol This is usually the day I put in a little more effort to my outfit because I'll be out in public lol #momlife! These shorts have been my go-to summer piece! They are just the PERFECT pair! (thank you sissy) Y'all know these mules are my fave! It was definitely a good buy because they're also going to be in for Fall! 


Tuesday was a pretty slow day for us, we ended up going to Huntsville for some pizza! Oh and made a stop at Hobby Lobby! All the fall stuff is out & my heart is pretty dang excited! I did want to mention, all the shoes that I am wearing in these pictures are from justfab.com, I would totally recommend signing up for their VIP rewards, you can always skip a month if you don't find anything you like, or if it's just not in your budget that month! I love it! I have worn this dress multiple times this Summer, it's that good! 


These are definitely my favorite type of outfits! Jeans & Tee! These jeans are super old! And the top is from Wal-Mart! Wal-Mart has stepped up their game! At least in the women's department lol I found some good pieces that I can't wait to share with y'all! 


Oh Thursday!  We were out running some errands and of course the car breaks down! And it was just Julian and I, and if you know me you know I panicked! Lol Thankfully one of my husband's co-workers saved the day! I think they've come to my rescue at least 3 times already since my husbands been a State Trooper  lol I feel like I'm "that wife" that's always in distress lol Another comfy & casual outfit of course! These white sneakers are $5! I would NEVER splurge on white shoes because I am the messiest person ever! 


And we finally made it! Happy Friday! I'm currently sipping on a marg & watching Despicable Me for the tenth time (we've only had it for two days) I'm going to attempt to make a pineapple margarita, i'll let y'all know how that goes as well! I'll be completely honest, I just felt like get all dolled up today...if it makes ya feel good go for it! I LOVE this outfit! Now if I only had somewhere to go...lol 

I hope y'all enjoyed today's post! Thank you so much for your support! Have a wonderful & blessed weekend! 

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