Monday, January 14, 2019

Happy Monday!

Okay so we haven't had the best Monday, BUT we're making the best out of it! I hope y'all are having a much better day than us. 

We visited San Marcos for the first time on Sunday, and y'all! I loved it! Dallas is still my top favorite but San Marcos is pretty close. I don't know if y'all ever watched the show Ghost Whisperer but it reminded me so much of that little plaza. We might be planning a trip to go back down during the Summer! 

Today I wanted to talk about something pretty amazing that happened on Friday. So last week I was in such a slump, I was feeling so discouraged about my blog and Instagram account. I usually try NOT to let the "numbers" affect me but sometimes they do get to you. You see other people growing their account way faster than you, you see them taking prettier pictures, having a bigger following, just all the things! 

I started to feel like maybe this (blogging) was just a dream and maybe I wouldn't be able to make a career out of it, and I just wasn't feeling good enough. I also thought about just quitting, if you've read THIS POST than you know I've quit this dream a few times already. I was pretty close this time to quitting for the millionth time, and I prayed to God. I prayed that he'd give me a sign on what I should do, if this dream was worth it, if I was going to be able to achieve it. 

Friday came along and I still didn't have a "sign", well I decided to get on IG and chat with y'all on stories about my recent FAVORITE lipstick combo! I heard about the lipstick from Jaclyn Hill & Emily Gemma! So I tagged them in my story. About an hour passed and I got a notification that Emily Gemma REPOSTED my story! If you don't know who she is, you need to check her out! She's the writer of THE SWEETEST THING BLOG  ! I have followed her for SO LONG, she's one of my favorite bloggers, and I get so many outfit inspirations from her! 

She's a pretty big deal in the blogging community! So after she reposted me, I had quite a bit of people reach out to me! It was all positive feedback and they were glad they found my account from Emily's story! They mentioned my blog and I don't know about you but I felt like that was my SIGN from the good Lord! I feel like that was the push that I needed! 

NEVER lose FAITH ladies and gentleman! So after that happened I made a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish with my blog and the things that I had already accomplished, and just seeing it on paper made me realize I've come pretty far, I've worked with a couple of companies that I LOVE! And I have so much to be grateful for! 

So that's my little COFFEE TALK for today! I hope y'all enjoyed this post! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and for continuing to support my blog! 

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